Amanda Moss

Founder of The Child Sleep Practice
Licensed & Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

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As a licensed certified Gentle Sleep Coach I can help make your sleep deprivation a thing of the past.  Working with you either in my Better Sleep for your Baby Online Programme or 1:1 with you and your family I will help you to create a personalised sleep plan tailored to your child's unique situation and support you as you implement it.  As a mum of two I know that there is no "one size fits all" approach to a child's sleep and controlled crying certainly isn't for everyone.  As an adopter I am particularly sensitive to your attachment to your child and will always recommend methods that promote and maintain a secure attachment. 

Whether you are co-sleeping, bed-sharing, breast-feeding or bottle feeding, gentle parenting / attachment parenting, coping with twins or multiples or dealing with the particular needs of an adopted child I will always respect your parenting choices and work in partnership with you to reach your goals.  I will never judge you for the things you have done so far to get your child to sleep; I will focus instead on empowering you to choose the right approach for your child to teach them the skill of falling to sleep by themselves. 

I can help improve your child's sleep 

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