Right now you might feel at breaking point due to lack of sleep.

Perhaps you feel guilty that you can't enjoy your time with your little one as much as you want because you are too tired all the time.

You might be getting lots of conflicting advice about how to get your little one to sleep through the night but you worry that you will do something to damage your bond with your baby.

You need the right type of advice, support and

encouragement and you want results as quickly

as possible. That is what I can offer you when

you work 1:1 with me.

I will be here for you every step of the way, helping you choose and plan the right approach for your little one and supporting you whilst you implement it.

Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss whether working 1:1 with me is right for you.  

Here's what's included in a 1:1 package with me:

  • a comprehensive client assessment

  • a one and a half hour consultation

  • a personalised sleep plan, tailored to your child's sleep history and temperament and your parenting approach.

  • daily email support for two weeks once you start the plan

  • two coaching calls (15 - 20 minutes)

  • complimentary access to the Child Sleep Academy's Better Sleep for your Baby programme (value £297)


1:1 coaching

photo credit: Alice Chapman Photography

Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation to discover how I can help you.