“When my husband couldn't sleep with our 3 year old son in the bed any longer we knew we needed to find a solution.  We didn't want any methods that would upset our son, but after speaking to Amanda I was assured that it would be using gentle methods. 

We got everything we asked for; 

 - our 3 year old can put himself to sleep instead of us sitting by his bed.
 - He is staying in his bed all night and hasn't come to our bed at all.
 - He is sleeping the whole night for the most part. 

Amanda was very responsive, empathetic, and had a detailed plan tailored to our situation, ready with lots of ideas to answer all our questions. It was really worthwhile and life changing! It was a complete success and Amanda was very good to work with...responsive, empathetic and full of good ideas.”

“We knew we needed help when we had hit 6 months of age and were making no progress.  We were worried about whether it would actually work but Alex is now able to self settle after a night feed and we have not had a night with prolonged night waking periods for a while now. 

What was most valuable was having a sounding board on a daily basis just to confirm that we were on the right track, or to keep going after a tough night.  Amanda was really supportive and the experience was a success for us.

I would definitely tell people that it’s worth doing.”

Kirsty & James
I contacted Amanda because my 9 month old was waking between 5 and 10 times a night and I was about to return to work. I had had 9 months of between 4 and 5 hours of broken sleep every night.  I was worried about how much crying might be involved but Amanda’s methods were very gentle and we didn’t need to leave our son to cry.  Jacob now wakes once a night or sometimes sleeps through. I am much more knowledgeable and confident about how to make the most of daytime sleep to improve night time sleep.  I liked that I was able to ask questions and get advice all the way through.  
Jacob didn't want to conform to an expected pattern so knowing we could adjust the plan or rethink strategies as we went along was helpful.

The experience as a whole was great; I am a functioning human being again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

"James was 71/2 months old when we started working with Amanda. He was waking several times in the night for a feed, woke early and would only nap lying on one of us.  Within a week James was sleeping through the night most nights, waking at a more acceptable time in the morning and taking his naps in the cot.  What we liked about working with Amanda was the practical ways of applying techniques - not something you could get from a book. Our experience was positive and we have been given the tools to deal with night-time and daytime sleep going forward.  We would definitely recommend her; she gives softer approaches and builds on it to say when you are ready to move on to the next stage.

Thanks for your help!"

Jo and Nick


With the best will in the world the sleep books can't cover every situation.  I work from the belief that every child is an individual and every family is unique so as a result my sleep plans are bespoke to your particular circumstances taking into account your parenting philosophy, the age of your child, their temperament, their sleep challenges and the things you have tried so far.  I also work alongside you throughout the coaching process to support, encourage and guide you along the way.  This is something that no book can give you. 

I've read all the sleep books and nothing's worked, what will you do differently?

No. It's never necessary to end breast feeding in order to sleep coach successfully.

Will I have to stop breast feeding in order to sleep coach?

Throughout your child’s life you can’t prevent all tears, and whilst they are a baby and unable to talk you must remember that they are simply trying to tell you something when they cry.  During sleep coaching they are just telling you that they have noticed something is different and they are feeling confused and upset.  I can't guarantee no tears but I use gentle methods and you will be able to stay and comfort your child whilst they learn the skill of putting themselves to sleep. 

Will my baby cry during sleep coaching?

Every child is an individual, with their own temperament, medical history and sleep challenges so it's not possible to give exact timescales for sleep coaching.  As a rule of thumb, older children tend to take a little longer than babies as their sleep habits are more ingrained.  However, if you can be consistent and committed to your sleep plan then you are likely to see results within two to three weeks, and possibly sooner for babies. 
Here are the most often asked questions about sleep coaching and working with a Gentle Sleep Coach; if your question isn't answered here then please get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my child's sleep to improve?